How does it work?

Learn the ins and outs of Alert The Boss and how it can help you.

First of all: it's not an app

Alert The Boss is a service, not an app or program, that provides your business it's own unique phone number that your customers can use to text feedback directly to you and your managers.

Get your number and go

Once you're signed up for our service, we'll instantly set you up with a phone number to display in your business.

Post your new number

Display your Alert The Boss phone number with your design. Flyers, posters, and table tents are only a few of the numerous ways you can display your hotline.

Receive and respond to a myriad of customers

You and your managers can easily receive instant feedback from your customers, even while they're still your guests! Reply immediately to praise or touch up a less-than-desirable experience.

Respond to their comments

Managers can respond by text immediately while the customer is still on premises, resolving issues or receiving praise for a great experience.

Successful businesses thrive on happy customers!

Turn your customers into regulars and boost your online ratings by staying connected.

This is how we make it easy.

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